IBM AT Free to a Good Home

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu May 20 21:54:03 2004

> I am still on the scout for an original IBM EGA monitor for the PC/AT I

Well, I am not shipping one of mine :-)...

> picked up over a year ago at auction. It's a real back-burner project,
> of course. I have resolved not to power the system up until I find said
> monitor, or at a minimum a real IBM 9-pin mono monitor. The AT box has

FWIW, the EGA card will also drive a CGA monitor if you're desparate, the
result is somewhat better than that produced by a real CGA card, of course.

> original EGA card, with the bare 64K of RAM, and I have decided not to

I think all my EGA cards have the 'optional' RAM expansion card fitted.

At one point, I made a little adapter that plugged into the 'feature
connector' and which produced composite mono video from the RGB and sync
signals. I acutally ran an XT with that into a composite mono monitor
(with the EGA card in a CGA compatible mode) for a time.

> green/white/amber-screen monitors, of course. Now I can't find a 9-pin
> mono monitor for the life of me. Bought a whole system for $3 at

Well, I am certainly not parting with the one I am using right now (yes,
a real IBM 5151...)

> auction last weekend after looking across the room at it because it
> showed 'promise' of having a 9-pin mono monitor. Alas another multisync
> VGA. Times have changed, and what's scarce and 'unobtainable' has
> changed with time.

Yes, indeed. Many of the original PC parts are getting very hard to find
now. I guess because people considered them worthless :-(

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