IBM AT Free to a Good Home

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Fri May 21 18:58:20 2004

> > Yes, indeed. Many of the original PC parts are getting very
> > hard to find
> > now. I guess because people considered them worthless :-(
> Almost all the stuff I've been given has been given to me by
> people or organisations who consider it to be worthless or
> almost worthless. The only exceptions seem to be the stuff

Ture.... But many computer collectors (or should I really say old
computer enthusiasts) regard PC stuff as pretty darn boring and not worth
collecting (I don't much care for it either...).

> Quite how last year's Tek 2465 can be considered worthless
> (or this week's S4 Eprom programmer, admittedly sans PSU)

In my case, a pair of HP9100Bs, many PDP8s and PDP11s, and 4 PERQs (one
of each series!). At least.

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