HP computers / test gear in Chicago

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri May 21 18:35:28 2004

> You must not have tried anywhere I had access to! I'd love to get my

FWIW, I didn't hear about this 547 (although I would not have been able
to take it -- they are rather to heavy to ship across the Pond :-))

> About all that would stop me from grabbing such a thing would be
> outrageous shipping charges (or, I suppose, if it's physically so huge

The 547 is not that big, but it's not small either. Regard it as a bench
instrument, not a portable (for all it has a carrying handle...).

> I couldn't fit it into my workshop - and it'd take more than I've ever
> seen in a 'scope to do that).

Be careful. Tekky made a thing (I believe) that was a 'scope in 2 6' rack
cabitnets. One of them had a set of bays for 7000-series plug-ins, and a
special storage tube mounted vertically in the rack. The other contained
a PDP11 (I want to say 11/40). The incloming signal was stored in the
tube, then read out using a second electron gun, digitised and fed to the
'11 for processing. In the fays before ns ADCs this was about the only
way to do it.

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