Several systems for sale or trade

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Date: Sun May 23 19:32:06 2004

I have several systems to trade or sell. Need to move them out. They're located in Houston TX and I'll give preference to anyone who can pick them up. Some I can't ship, too big, but some I can. Conditions are unknown as I haven't had time to work with any of these and don't suspect I will any time in the future. Not even sure what all is in each system. Thus, they're up for sale or trade. Ok, what is available...
PDP-11/60 card bays and cards, power supplies and I think the front panel. No cabinet. Can't ship this.
Kaypro 2
HP 715/100
HP 9000/300
HP 9836 - couple of key tops broken off but I still have them
I can send pics of any of the systems for those that are interested.

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David Williams
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