netBSD 1.5 on a 1994 Mac68K

From: John Allain <>
Date: Sun May 23 20:46:54 2004

You can have the chip, no guarantees on condition.
Physically its OK, and it was handled OK, but maybe
not for it's _entire_ life.

Let me know if there is a 33mhz one there.

John A.

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Subject: Re: netBSD 1.5 on a 1994 Mac68K

>The Mac's current chip is a XC68LC040RC33B.
>I have a spare chip here, a XC68040HRC25M
>which looks the wrong speed.

The one you have will probably work anyway. But since it isn't cleared
for 33 Mhz, it could fry (chances are it won't as Macs have usually
faired pretty well at being overclocked).

If you have no use for the 25 MHz version you have, I'd actually love to
make a trade. I'm pretty sure the ones I pulled are all 33 MHz (I'll
check in the morning), but since I planned to use them in Centris 610's
which are only clocked at 20 MHz, I'd be fine with a 25 MHz chip instead.

If you do have another use for it, no biggie, I'll still send you a full
040 chip (pending I have a 33 MHz one, but I'm pretty sure that is the
only speed I have, they came from dead Quadra 630's which were 33 MHz

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