Interesting Apple PowerBook tablet computer

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Mon May 24 15:31:20 2004

> Apple Network Server

Ah, the ANS -- Apple's only real "big freaking server" until the advent of the
Xserve. I don't count things like the AWS 95 or other "Workgroup Servers"
that were really rebadged workstations with added features, although the AWS
95 comes close since it was built to run A/UX.

I own a 500 (in fact, this server that I'm sending the mail through is a
500 with a 200MHz 604e), and a 700/150 which is its roll-in replacement.
This 500 has been in continuous service since 1998 and it's a great box.

Keep an eye out because people are often giving these away. My 700 was one
of these; I just had to come up and get it (they're about 100 pounds). Why
they'd do that, of course, is another story.

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