Interesting Apple PowerBook tablet computer

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> > Apple Network Server
> Ah, the ANS -- Apple's only real "big freaking server" until the advent of
> Xserve. I don't count things like the AWS 95 or other "Workgroup Servers"
> that were really rebadged workstations with added features, although the
> 95 comes close since it was built to run A/UX.
> I own a 500 (in fact, this server that I'm sending the mail through is a
> 500 with a 200MHz 604e), and a 700/150 which is its roll-in replacement.
> This 500 has been in continuous service since 1998 and it's a great box.
> Keep an eye out because people are often giving these away. My 700 was one
> of these; I just had to come up and get it (they're about 100 pounds). Why
> they'd do that, of course, is another story.
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The ANS 500 looks impressive, but your stuck running one version of AIX and
there is no support for anything newer then what shipped with the unit (sure
there is probably a version of Linux for it). There really isn't much
information about these units around, must have died a quick death in the

I don't see why an AWS95 isn't considered a real server since it was the
best/last platform for A/UX, has a 300 watt power supply, security key that
controls power, and room for lots of scsi drives internally and externally.
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