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Date: Mon May 24 19:06:24 2004

> Don't be such a prude Don, here in the internal colonies we enjoy a
> good Irish joke as much as anyone,
> Here's my favourite :
> Why are Irish jokes so stupid ?
> - so the English can understand them !

This reminds me...back in the early '80s, the lab I used to hang out at
had a Newfoundlander among its population. Now, the Newfoundlanders
are to much of Canada what the Poles are to the Americans, what the
Swedes are to the Norwegians, what the Irish are (apparently) to the
English: there is a whole genre of "Newfie jokes".

One day, the message-of-the-day had a Newfie joke in it. (I think it
was "How do you know when a Newfie has used your word processor? When
there's white-out on the screen.".) Our resident Newfie told us "You
better be careful with those Newfie jokes - some of us might understand

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