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 On Sat, 22 May 2004, Tony Duell wrote:
 I have (not up for grabs) a Zenith mono monitor. It had what I called the
 'Irish PSU' (note for non UK people, over here 'Irish' jokes are much the
 same as Polish jokes...). This combines the ease-of-repair of a switcher
 with the efficiency of a linear PSU (for the software types, that's
 roughly like combining the ease-of-understanding of machine code with the
 speed of an Interpetted HLL :-)).

 Well, we in the colonies used to enjoy that type of joke, but
 over the years have managed to hyper-sensitize just about all
 ethnic groups, such that you put your health - physical or
 financial - in jeopardy if you tell one. It tends to bring out
 dirty looks, unfriendly comments or the "everyone is picking on
 me" society - aka: American Civil Liberties Union - which can get
 expensive in keeping some lawyer well off.

 - don

Don't be such a prude Don, here in the internal colonies we enjoy a good
Irish joke as much as anyone,
Here's my favourite :

Why are Irish jokes so stupid ?

- so the English can understand them !

The funny thing is when I tell my joke after a lot of other Irish jokes , a
lot of people don't seem to appreciate it .
Funny huh ?
The joke that dare not speak it's name.
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