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> On Sat, 22 May 2004, Tony Duell wrote:
> I have (not up for grabs) a Zenith mono monitor. It had what I called the
> 'Irish PSU' (note for non UK people, over here 'Irish' jokes are much the
> same as Polish jokes...). This combines the ease-of-repair of a switcher
> with the efficiency of a linear PSU (for the software types, that's
> roughly like combining the ease-of-understanding of machine code with the
> speed of an Interpetted HLL :-)).
> Well, we in the colonies used to enjoy that type of joke, but
> over the years have managed to hyper-sensitize just about all
> ethnic groups, such that you put your health - physical or
> financial - in jeopardy if you tell one. It tends to bring out
> dirty looks, unfriendly comments or the "everyone is picking on
> me" society - aka: American Civil Liberties Union - which can get
> expensive in keeping some lawyer well off.
> - don
>Don't be such a prude Don, here in the internal colonies we enjoy a good
>Irish joke as much as anyone,

  I think every country has their own form of "Irish" jokes. Here in the US
they're called Pollock jokes although lately they've been replaced by
"blond" jokes. In Canada they're called Newfy jokes.

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