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Date: Wed May 26 16:21:07 2004

> Actually, he only brought it up because someone asked why he didn't
> use the VCM, and he gave a short reply stating the he didn't agree
> with the T&Cs. Then someone asked if he could elaborate on his
> opinions, which he did.

I went back and checked, and it _is_ at least partly my fault; this
summary is slightly more favourable to me than the facts support. This
spun off from my parenthetical note (not in response to a direct
question to me)

> I don't do VCM (the VCM's terms of service are unacceptable to me for
> reasons starting with but by no means limited to requiring me to
> agree to foreign legal jurisdiction), and [...]

While I still don't think this was really _out of line_, it was not the
best way I could have handled it - in particular, I did not need to
name any of the reasons on the spot, and next time it comes up I intend
to avoid doing so (and will try to avoid its blowing up the way it did
this time, too, even if someone does ask specifically).

The main reason I'm writing another note in this thread is

> Now could we all just back our tempers down a bit,

This leads me to suspect that readers of this little flap may have
gained an incorrect idea of my opinion of the VCM. I think it has
problems, yes - but except for one that I think I saw Patrick agree
with and say they'd fix, they are all peculiar to me in one way or
another; and besides, what doesn't have problems?

To be absolutely clear, I think the VCM is a very good thing, I'm glad
it exists _even though_ I refuse to use it myself. I have great
respect and admiration for Sellam. I bear him no ill will, over this
or anything else. (I mention Sellam but not Patrick not because I
think badly of Patrick but rather simply because I've interacted a good
deal more with Sellam; I have insufficient experience of Patrick to
have formed an opinion of him - that he's the other person behind the
VCM does speak well of him, though.)

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