Computer flooring/flooding/water in computer rooms

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Fri May 28 14:13:53 2004

McFadden, Mike wrote:
> Flooded computer room
> Our computer room was on the 11th floor of an office building. The
> cooling was based on a unit that used the cold water feed into the
> building as a cooling source. The air handler was in the computer room
> also included a humidifier. The float valve on the humidifier stuck and
> flooded the room under the floor. We noticed/felt "high humidity" on
> Monday morning. No water was visible. We pulled up a floor tile and
> there was 2 inches of water under the entire floor. All of the cables
> were in water. Most of the terminal cables were threaded through the
> channels in the floors to other offices; all of the channels were also
> full of water.
> Everything was still running.
> We got a dehumidifier, pulled up a few floor tiles and dried the room
> out. We placed rag wicks down in the channels to draw out the water so
> we could evaporate it. All of the cables were covered with dust, grime
> and rust colored crud that dried on them from the water.
> Mike

I remember reading once a similar story, about a VALVE computer in the
late 1970's,
Now those cables under the floor had REAL power flowing through them.
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