List of Words and Meanings Reunited (was: for sale etiquette?)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Fri May 28 17:26:32 2004

Quothe William Donzelli, from writings of Thu, May 27, 2004 at
04:26:39PM -0400:

> All languages change - just accept that "hacker" is basically negative
> these days, and trying to argue otherwise basically just pisses people
> off.

If arguing about using the word 'hacker' properly pisses some people
off, then they deserve to be pissed off and hackers should take great
pleasure in pissing them off. It's called offending the offensive in
need of offending. :-)

> Myself? I'm rather gay, seeing a 3803 Tape Controller that will soon be
> mine. Oh, wait, maybe I should just say happy...

[time for my politically incorrect statement of the week]

I vote that we take that word back. No offense to homosexuals, but
someone needs to clue them into the fact that they've been using the
word 'gay' incorrectly for far too long; they're not the only ones
with the right to be called happy people. How that started, I don't
know, but it leads one to guess that perhaps, at one time, some of
them must have had difficulty with five syllable words, and since the
word 'ho', which could have been used as an abbreviation, had already
been stolen (from Santa Claus) by some inner-city people, who
apparently had difficulty with larger one syllable words, especially
those that began with what they thought was the wrong letter, they had
to find some other monosyllable word to use.

Any other words to add to the list of words to be reunited with their
rightful meanings?

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