Classic Elecoms Anyone? (was: List of Words...)

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Fri May 28 20:38:46 2004

Quothe Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner, from writings of Fri, May 28, 2004 at 07:57:56PM -0400:
> It was thus said that the Great R. D. Davis once stated:
> >
> > Any other words to add to the list of words to be reunited with their
> > rightful meanings?
> Cracker. Forget the script kiddies, the meaning I'm aware of is someone
> born, raised and lived only in the South (of the US---east of the
> Mississippi and below the Mason-Dixon line). Another term that pisses me

Just try explaining that to some of the strange Washington DC area
folks (a former cow-orker comes to mind) who are "embarassed" to say
that they live in the South, so they claim that the South begins
somewhere well below the Capitol Beltway where they live and ignore
the Mason-Dixon line... of course, I guess that it's only natural for
many of those folks in Washington DC to ignore reality, for doing so
seems to come naturally to many humans in that area.

As to "cracker", surely no appropriate substitution is needed; the only
necessary definition of that word needs to be one associated with
food, or perhaps someone who cracks things open (e.g. when one
prepares scrambled eggs, one is acting as a temporary egg cracker).

> off---computer. I'm sorry, but a computer is one who computes, not these
> new fangled machines.

Electronic computing machine, ECM or elecom.

> And what's with the abuse of "cab"? Cab ... short for cabriolet, which is
> a type of horse carriage. Not an ugly yellow car with black and white
> checkers on it. Sheesh!

Right... makes sense. Let's call them rentable chauffer driven
automobiles, RCDAs, or recdas. As to "cab" as in short for cabin,
just call them vehicular cabins, airplane cabins, etc.

Getting back to "hacker"... I'm somewhat surprised that this word came
into being in connection with computers, electronics, etc., given it's
already bloated list of definitions: hacking at something with an axe,
hacking as in hack horse and hack riding ("hacking about"), what an
RCDA or recda driver does, etc. Perhaps another term would have been
better unless someone can clarify how hacker came into being as we
know it to be used. Anyone care to offer a good explantion as to why
we should continue to call hacking "hacking"? Surely there must exist
a good reason.

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