Classic Elecoms Anyone? (was: List of Words...)

From: William Fulmor <>
Date: Fri May 28 21:48:27 2004

On 28 May 2004, R. D. Davis wrote:
> Getting back to "hacker"... I'm somewhat surprised that this word came
> into being in connection with computers, electronics, etc., given it's
> already bloated list of definitions: hacking at something with an axe,
> hacking as in hack horse and hack riding ("hacking about"), what an
> RCDA or recda driver does, etc. Perhaps another term would have been
> better unless someone can clarify how hacker came into being as we
> know it to be used. Anyone care to offer a good explantion as to why
> we should continue to call hacking "hacking"? Surely there must exist
> a good reason.

Idunno. When my old man called me a "hacker", and what I was working on
"hackwork", it was certainly not complementary, and had nothing to do with
my (to date) unexpressed (complete lack of) skill with computers.

Circa 1950s.

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