Beige TI99

From: ed sharpe <>
Date: Fri May 28 20:54:28 2004

got a monkey wards catalog the other day someone brought by from the 80's
there are some nice catalog pages in there for TI stuff.... time
permitting may scan them!

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> Hi folks,
> Anyone come across a beige TI99/4A before? I'd previously thought all
> machines were early TI99/4s but last week I was sent a boxed 'Texas
> Instruments 99/4A' that's very beige and hopefully very working....not had
> chance to test it yet.
> In other news I'm celebrating one month at my new job; it's great to be
> in a fully equipped workshop with 'scope access and loads of DEC stuff
> amongst other things, so once I'm settled in my new weekday flat (I come
> home at weekends, a nice 500 mile round trip) I'll be able to take dead
> machines down for repair......
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