"First" digital camera

From: ben franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Sat May 29 13:20:17 2004

John Lawson wrote:
> A little OT but certainly related: I had a 'camera' made by MicroMint
> (Steve Ciarcia) made to work with an Apple ][. It was basically a
> photo-eraseable EPROM and an adapter card for the Apple.
> The EEPROM was mounted in the back of a closed aluminum tube with a lens
> threaded into the front, with one of those cheap table-top tripods. The
> software wrote all 1s to the EPROM and then the light from the object
> being photgraphed erased whatever bitcells it impinged on.
> The software on the Apple then collected these bits, dithered them, and
> presented them as pixels on the display. At that point you could also
> print the image on a dot-matrix printer.
> Hand Franke has it now - I still have a couple of JPEGs I took of it if
> anyone's interested. It was from '78 or thereabouts.
> Cheers
> John

I thought was a 1/2 of 16k dynamic ram with Ciarcia's camera, that
I read about in BYTE. I thought he had good projects until he came
out with his own PC clone, then he went down hill.
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