H750 (PDP-11) power on?

From: Tom Uban <uban_at_ubanproductions.com>
Date: Sat May 29 14:19:33 2004

At 01:09 PM 5/29/2004 -0400, you wrote:

>From: Tom Uban, Wednesday
> > http://bitsavers.org/pdf/dec/pdp11/1105S_Schem.pdf
>Just got a chance to download and begin looking.
>Pages 169,170 show the three pin power on actuator
>that I'm looking at. In other places is the flipswitch circuit
>breaker that Tony describes and I don't have. Haven't found
>any thermal shut-off but I'm just starting. Thanks.

The thermal switch is mounted on the heat sink of the actual
power supply. It looks like a small can with two wires coming
out of it.

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