Pressed Particle Board Shelving Warning

From: Geoffrey Thomas <>
Date: Sat May 29 16:03:38 2004

We have them too where I work there is a space of about 18" below them where
we run all the cables .
They're not too tight -fitting but you need a double suction cup device to
lift them. Some of the tiles - in the posher areas- are top-lined with
carpet instead of lineoleum. Metal edges and supported on all four corners
by metal pillars.


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> On Fri, 2004-05-28 at 08:40, der Mouse wrote:
> > I suppose the ones I am familiar with from the one job I've worked at
> > that used them are atypical, then. They were supported by a network of
> > metal (steel, presumably) braces which in turn were supported by small
> > pillars to the floor where the braces met (which was under the corners
> > of the tiles).
> I've worked in an office which had those too, so you're not alone. They
> were very tight fitting too, and needed a couple of big suction-cups to
> lift them up. They could take one hell of a weight though.
> In my case the building probably dated from around 1980.
> cheers
> Jules
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