Pressed Particle Board Shelving Warning

From: Geoffrey Thomas <>
Date: Sat May 29 16:19:57 2004

Definitely do for pine - it's relatively cheap, matures well to a nice
golden colour and is very strong. Where I sit I'm gazing at my magazine
collection housed in an 8' x 4' bookshelf. Well not quite 8' high. - 9" x
3/4" pine shelves mounted on a 1/2" plywood "backplane" , sat on the floor
and screwed to the wall at the corners through 4 metal triangular plates.
( Nothing like brick shithouse engineering ! ) It currently holds my entire
collection of Wireless World - most copies from 1976 - and a good few going
back to 1967 - every tv mag going back to 1974 lots of other electronics
mags etc. Not to bore you with details but it hasn't sagged yet - hang on I
forgot the ETI mags from issue 1 . I have to build another one to partner it
as it's full and my dragon mags are in boxes on the landing. If it falls
down I'll let you know - if I'm not under it.
It didn't cost that much - and there is nothing on the market to compare
with it at the price.


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> > I have had a particle board bookshelf come apart. The blame was in
> > part on incompetent design ("scandinavian design" pretty looking
> > stuff) -- the shelf was "supported" on a groove milled in the edge.
> > That means the load was carried on less than half the thickness of the
> > shelf.
> >
> > Even so, a better material would not have failed.
> I've got a home-made pine computer desk (built into the wall), a pine
> bookcase and a pair of three-quarter-inch pine shelves. They've been up
> early 1998 and are still in good condition. Well, aside from the missing
> sections of varnish on the computer desk - exploding components and
> tools tend to cause that sort of damage, though :-/
> Later.
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