Exar 22-908-03 anyone ?

From: Pete Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Sun May 30 17:03:04 2004

On May 30, 22:25, Jos Dreesen wrote:
> My Lilith workstation keyboard seems to have taken an "electric"
> beating, i.e. a 12 v to 5V short.
> The wiring inside the machine was not the best......
> It took out the 8035, a 74ls373 and, much worse, an unknown to me
> IC 22-908-03, datecode 1983
> The first two are easy to replace, the Exar is much worse.
> Anybody have a pinout, a datasheet or an idea just what it might be ?

I've got an Exar databook, but I'm afraid it's dated 1992, and
everything in it is XR-xxx or XR-xxxx (occasionally with a single
letter in front of the xxx). The XR-22xx devices are all phase-lock
loops or VCOs, the XR-9080 is a "frequency synthesiser, data
synchronizer/1,7 RLL ENDEC" in a 52-pin QFP package. Other XR-90xx
devices seem to all be related to disk heads; they're preamps, filters,
samplers, and pulse detectors.

The XR-9050 seems to be an older simpler version of that. It's a
28-pin SOIC or PLCC described as a "24 Mbit/sec Data
synchronization/1,7 RLL ENDEC", "faster than similar bipolar devices".
 Could your 22-908-03 be something to do with a hard drive controller?

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