Pressed Particle Board Shelving Warning

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun May 30 17:14:26 2004

On May 30, 20:11, Geoffrey Thomas wrote:
> It's a tool, a lot like the ones that carpet fitters use to stretch a
> carpet, that has two sets of spikes protruding from the base. You
grip the
> carpet by hitting the tile at an angle with the tool . Surprisingly
> effective. There is also a lever in the handle to put more tension in
> grip of the spikes. Haven't seen it in use for a while as there
aren't any
> carpet tiles with us. ( We're not posh enough , obviously.)

Nah, you're just not daft enough to have dust-encouraging carpet in
your machine room :-)

Besides, it's much easier to get the solder splashes off a hard floor
covering, and it doesn't singe when the sparks hit it ;-)

I've just been reminded of a photograph I was shown a few weeks ago at
a network conference. A senior manager from JANET ops (who run the
national backbone) described a recent installation at a site housing
one of the main backbone routers. There had been "an issue" with water
leakage from the flat roof so the local staff had built protection for
the backbone router and its associated equipment (several racks), right
in the otherwise-normal looking machine room. It consisted of a
greenhouse frame with pitched roof, complete with gutters and

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