classiccmp hardware

From: Jay West <>
Date: Mon Nov 1 14:14:16 2004

All the hardware is finally in for the mirroring setup. I was going to go
with software raid till I found out that the system won't boot when the
primary drive fails (ie it won't automatically boot from the 2nd drive). So
I went the hardware raid direction.

The new hardware includes a 3ware Escalade 7006-2 controller ($123.70), and
two 160gb PATA 7200rpm 8mb cache drives ($88.54 and $67.22, respectively).
Total hardware expenditure including sales tax and shipping was $279.46.

Of course, I'll take the time to reinstall from scratch rather than just
copy the existing drive. So we'll be getting newer versions of freebsd,
sendmail, mailman, mysql, php, etc. etc. etc.

My intent is to throw the drives into a small test system and put that at
the datacenter and configure/install everything remotely. Then when it's
time to switchover, I should be able to just move the drives (and
controller) from one system to the other and come back up. Then I'll start
the process of migrating historical data from one to the other (by putting
the old drive into the test machine).

I'll give the list a big heads up when I get around to scheduling this.
After this upgrade is done, I will be looking for volunteers (web design
people) to see about giving the classiccmp site a facelift, possibly adding
some new features, and (finally) cleaning up the archives.


Jay West
Received on Mon Nov 01 2004 - 14:14:16 GMT

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