URGENT - Big IBM Iron rescue - System/38, Ohio

From: Mike Ross <mross666_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Nov 1 15:08:56 2004

(CC'd to a couple of System/38-seekers I know of...)

Hope someone can jump on this... a guy has to dispose of a complete
System/38 setup, believed working - by the weekend. Miamisburg, Ohio. The
unit has to be cleared by Monday of next week. He wants an arrangement in
place by Wednesday, but the actual removal can wait as late as the weekend -
so long as the collector is 'damn sure' he WILL turn up as promised!

He tried the stuff on ebay at too-high prices, got no bidders - but at least
you can see the pics (System, disk, tape, printer):


Someone needs to move *fast* on this - contact the guy immediately. If
no-one steps up to the plate, at minimum I'll try to get him to remove the
boards from the /38, so I have a spare set for mine.

Contact is Mitch - email miller_at_keyways.com or call him - 937-902-8392

I'd appreciate it if anyone is seriously interested, let me know too. The
guy will want some money; he has an offer for the whole lot from a
scrapyard, and they'll take it away if we don't.

Good luck.

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