EduSystem questions

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 18:05:30 2004

It was written....
> I don't recall seeing guides for individual systems (and it seems to me
> there probably are some, a.k.a. teachers' guides and such), but they're
> all documented reasonably well in DEC's _Edusystem Handbook_ (1973).

Being as I'm so enamored with timesharing systems, especially basic oriented
ones... I'd like to see about getting EduSystem up on my 8E. I skimmed
through the Edusystem handbook and find some information unclear.

1) It appears that for all versions of EduSystem, the Timesharing Extension
board isn't required. So what OS's DID use the timesharing extension board?
More importantly can someone confirm that no edusystem versions require this

2) The edusystem handbook is a bit unclear with regards to disk drive
support in edusystem-25. At the beginning of the section they say an RK05
can be used in place of dectape, but no mention is made of that anywhere
else in that section. In addition, the mention of a disk drive at the
beginning of the -20 section is crossed out along with a delete mark. So
what's the deal? Can you save program files to hard disk on edusystem-25?

And most importantly, in skimming through the capabilities in the handbook,
Edusystem-50 looks MOST impressive. It does something my beloved HP/TSB does
not, and that is allow other languages (focal, fortran, and assembler) to be
used in addition to basic (apparently) DURING timesharing. So my obvious
next question is, does anyone have a installable copy of Edusystem-50??

I may go the RSTS/E route on my 11/45, but will probably do RT-11/TSX+
instead. But on the 8E, Edusystem-50 looks quite nice.

Any advice is most appreciated!

Jay West
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