Big Iron available - Data General Eclipse - plus lots more smaller stuff

From: Erik Klein <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 18:09:02 2004

> COMPUPRO! I've been trying to recall that name for a year. Very
> nice S-100 chassis. Monster power supplies. Fine motherboards. A
> really great find for someone who wants to put together a
> generic S100 CP/M system.

Agreed. This one looks very clean, too.

> I wouldn't mind having it, but I have far too many irons in
> too many fires plus I'm lazy. But it's worth grabbing. I'm sure
> one of those dual 8" flop boxes goes with. A fine catch.

Same here. I've already got two of these and I haven't gotten around to
booting either one! :)

If anyone does grab it, I'm 99% sure I have docs for everything, though.

Erik Klein
The Vintage Computer Forum
Received on Wed Nov 03 2004 - 18:09:02 GMT

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