Surviving UK Transputer systems...

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 18:23:54 2004

> Ram's message prompted me to post this, although it's been on my mind
> for a while.
> Does anyone know of any complete Transputer systems (i.e. several
> processors, cabinet, front-end control system etc.) from the '90's that
> still survive within the UK?

I have here :

The boards I did for my Ph.D. (which are very non-standard, but which
have a couple of T425s on them)

A complete Inmos ITEM (3U rack version)

Quite a few ISA cards, both the B004 type (one transputer + RAM +
external link access) and the B008 (TRAM motherboard) type

A 9U SUN Eurocard with lots of TRAM sockets (and some TRAMs in them)

A small assrotmet of TRAMs.

> I'd like to get one for the museum sometime as we don't have any

Alas you know my views on giveing stuff to that museum :-(

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