From: Tom Jennings <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 18:47:05 2004

All this talk of DNS makes me hungry.

The Dead Media site ( is in need of
a new owner. I nominally ran it for a few years, cleaned it
up somewhat, then I passed it on to a new volunteer last year
who ultimately flaked on me. There is sits with no change for
probably two years.

If anyone is interested in reviving it, preferably on another
host, let me know. It's mainly a bunch of text. I have
low-quality perl scripts that actually generate the HTML,
the content is in a trivially simple flat "database" easily
converted to anything else.

There's a lot of room for work in categorization and such.

There is also a mailing list, somewhat cobwebby, that was on
old smartlist software, archives are around somewhere, plus the
last-used list of participants if you want to poke them all in
their virtual ribs.
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