OT: Fastest Pentium Pro?

From: ed sharpe <esharpe_at_uswest.net>
Date: Wed Nov 3 18:47:24 2004

I have seen pictures of the giant rack proliant!~ We want one of those but
have one of the towers with 2 processors in it... also have the 11x17
dulpexing monster laser printer to display next to it..... looks
impressive.... but... want a rack unit too with the rack fully stuffed like
in the picture I saw!

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> On Wed, 3 Nov 2004, Fred N. van Kempen wrote:
>> The fastest one produced was 200MHz. They had 150, 180 and 200MHz
>> versions, with cache sizes ranging from 256KB to 2MB. My primary
>> file server at the office is a Compaq Proliant 6000 with four of
>> the PPro/200 CPU's with 2MB cache each, and that thing just does
>> not give up. Although all my other servers are MUCH faster CPU-
>> wise, this box handles the Win2000 Advanced Server plus SFU plus
>> BackupExec very well.
> My lowly single PPro 200Mhz server has been faithfully and dutifully
> handling my email and dishing out web pages for at least 5 years now.
> It's survived several slashdottings and has been one of the more reliable
> systems I've ever owned. I'm getting ready to switch over to a new server
> (dual PII Xeon 450) which should make things run a lot faster but I'm
> planning to keep this one around in some role.
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