Big Iron available - Data General Eclipse - plus lots more smaller stuff

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 19:04:28 2004

   There's some nice stuff there! Somebody should rescue that HP 9895 disk
drive. Those use HP-IB interface and can be used with most HP computers
including any of the HP 9000/200s (9826, 9816, etc) or the HP-85 and the


At 03:32 PM 11/3/04 -0800, you wrote:
>Just a quick follow-up.
>I went over to the recycler and took a few pics and examined a few of the
>items. I didn't get to turn anything on (lack of time) but I posted what
>I saw at:
>Let me know if you'd like more info of if you'd like me to put you in
>touch with the place.
> Erik
>> I went by my local recycler yesterday on the hunt for some items and came
>> away with a list of stuff that might interest folks here.
>> The main item was a DG Eclipse system in two racks with tape drives and
>> more. I didn't spend much time looking at it but can probably get more
>> information if anyone wants it. I also have no idea what the price would
>> be but I can guess that shipping would be the big consideration anyway.
>> The same place had a bunch of smaller items as well including a very clean
>> TRS-80 Mod 3 with a RS dustcover, a Kaypro II, a Franklin Ace 1000, a CoCo
>> that looked like it had seen better days, what looked like an IBM PC
>> Portable in its canvas bag, and a Compupro system with the main chassis
>> and a dual 8" chassis as well (this was wrapped in a pallet and those were
>> the items I could recognize. There's a few cubic yards of other stuff
>> mixed in that may or may not be related.)
>> There were also a good number of vintage terminals stacked about. Several
>> ADM3as in both blue and beige in various states of decay. Most looked
>> serviceable with a couple having a bit of screen rot. The couple I turned
>> on worked. None had the switch covers. There was also a Hazeltine 1500
>> in nice shape except for the fact that the video was bad and some
>> TeleVideo 925s and 950s that worked but needed TLC. Newer terminals (DEC
>> and Wyse, mostly) were all over the place. There was at least one VT100
>> that was marked as dead but that looked like it had all of the (yellow)
>> parts.
>> If anyone wants more info on any of this I'll be happy to get what I can
>> or to put you in touch with the shop.
>> Erik Klein
>> The Vintage Computer Forum
>Erik Klein
>The Vintage Computer Forum
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