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Date: Wed Nov 3 19:15:05 2004

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>Rumor has it that Erik Klein may have mentioned these words:
>>Just a quick follow-up.
>>I went over to the recycler and took a few pics and examined a few of the
>>items. I didn't get to turn anything on (lack of time) but I posted what
>>I saw at:
>>Let me know if you'd like more info of if you'd like me to put you in
>>touch with the place.
>Do you remember what kinda machine the very last pic is? That's something I
>*might* be interested in...

    It's a Compupro. It's also shown in the next to the last picture. It's
S-100 and probably has a 8085 or Z-80 or something like that. But the
Compupros are GOOD solid machines. It's probably one of the best S-100
machines ever built.

>[[ I've been looking for a 'boxed' 6809 system for a long time, say a
>Chieftain, Gimix or SWTPC... ]]

   Nope, wrong animal.


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