NEC PC-8201A

From: Tom Ponsford <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 19:41:28 2004

I always call them "goody boxes". Our biweekly auction usually has over
several hundred lots. About half the lots are piles o' stuff on pallets.

This weeks goody pallets I picked up were:

A pallet of sparc stuff that included several sparc 5 _at_170mhz, some sparc
10's,20's and a perfectly good Ultra-5 that was at the bottom. Sitting on top
of all the sparcs were several of the huge old Sun monitors, which no one
wanted to move (except me) to actually see what was under the monitors. The
lot cost me $2.50.

Another pallet of goodies included all dec stuff; A microvax 3100-80, Vax
4000vlc, 2 vaxstation 3100's several decstation 3000/300's and a perfectly
good alphastation 200 4/233 and a boxload of cables which at the bottom had
lots of dec documentation and a copy of vms. This lot ended up costing me
nothing as I sold some of the other stuff on the pallet to the guy who bid
against me.

I usually go the day before the auction on "preview" day and dig through the
lots that are in boxes or pallets and boxes. And shame on me if I
"accidentally" cover up (bury) the good stuff on these pallets under lots of
junk. That's why I go early so I don't have to uncover stuff that others have
buried :-). Still there are lots and boxes I haven't thouroghly inspected as
they contained stuff on the pallet I was bidding on/buying anyway. Those are
the real surprizes.



Tothwolf wrote:
> On Sat, 30 Oct 2004, Mike Ford wrote:
>>At 01:33 PM 10/25/04 -0700, Tom Ponsford wrote:
>>>Digging through what I thought was just another giant box 0' cables
>>>from the UA auction, I got to the bottom and there were 2 NEC PC-8201A
>>>and 2 NEC PC-8300 all in working order.
>>Dunno if that is good or bad. ;)
>>Several times at auctions I have found boxes that are junk on the top
>>layer, and treasure on the bottom. Bidding on those lots can look pretty
>>crasy to people who haven't looked.
> Agreed...These sort of "trash" or "junk" lots were the bread and butter of
> my computing hobby for a number of years. Unfortunately, my main source of
> these lots has dried up for now (but that may change drastically when I
> have time to stir some people up). I actually found that it was best not
> to let most folks even see the good stuff on the bottom, else they would
> bid against me next time. Friends who frequented the same auctions also
> started looking out for these kinds of piles for me. I did get some very
> weird looks and inquiries from people who weren't the wiser :)
> -Toth

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