Big Iron available - Data General Eclipse - plus lots more smaller stuff

From: Mark Davidson <>
Date: Wed Nov 3 19:57:02 2004

On Nov 3, 2004, at 4:11 PM, Jay West wrote:

> Erik wrote....
>> I went over to the recycler and took a few pics and examined a few of
>> the
>> items. I didn't get to turn anything on (lack of time) but I posted
>> what
>> I saw at:
>> Let me know if you'd like more info of if you'd like me to put you in
>> touch with the place.
> I really don't want to take up the room (which I dont really have
> right now) but that dual bay Data General MV/4000 system is SCHWEEET!
> Where is it located again? Wait.... don't tell me. I'm gonna go hide
> the trailer key on myself.
> Jay West
It's in San Jose, CA... I went over to the location and checked it
out... it looks to be in great shape (although it's been wiped,
apparently). My only concern is that the cabinet doesn't have wheels,
so moving it is going to be a challenge. I'm trying to come up with a
decent offer for it because I'd love to have it!

Mark Davidson
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