Interesting find

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Date: Thu Nov 4 12:05:57 2004

doing my usual EPay Trawl I came across this.

If any1 wants it, I can go pick it up for them and store it.


Ithaca Intersystems DPS-1 with PerSCI Dual 8" Drives

This is an S-100 bus systems, commonly used for running CP/M, of late 1970s
vintage. I think that the PSU in the drives has failed, so I'm unable to
boot or test the system further, however all das blinkelights seem to work
properly. In the system are the following cards:

Cromemco ZPU
Info2000 Discomem
Cromemco IO Card (2xserial, 2xparallel)
32K memory card

Collection from Wirral, preferred. "

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