Cleaning gungy Flexowriter

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Nov 4 12:10:18 2004

   OK more questions. The keys on these are covered with white mildew.
What's the best stuff to clean them with and should I put anything on them
after they're clean to preserve them. I ran into a problem. Something
heavy had been dropped on the keyboard of this one and several of the metal
levers that the keycaps mount on are bent or broken. How hard is it to take
this section apart so that I can repair the levers? Also where is the IO
connector on this beast? I found terminal strip on the back inside but
there's only about 6 wires on it and it doesn't look like it's made for
external IO. BTW I found that this is a model FL and the name plate says
that it's a "Recorder/Reproducer".


At 12:11 PM 11/4/04 -0500, you wrote:
>> I've been told that Ammonia is good for cleaning rubber and
>> won't damage it. Can anyone verify this?
>I use windex (mostly ammonia) for cleaning everything at first,
>usually in a momentary contact sort of way, IE, not soaking for
>days. I have no, 0, incidents to report. Been doing it for years.
>Heard a rumor once that it shouldn't be gotten on car body
>paint, but that's just a rumor and OT here.
>John A.
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