demodulating audio cassette wav files

From: Richard A. Cini <>
Date: Fri Nov 5 12:41:55 2004


        You may want to look at Jim Battle's SOL emulator project
( for inspiration. I haven't looked at the code
recently, but IIRC it has a software-based method for demodulating WAV


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Subject: demodulating audio cassette wav files

Gang - Any tips/pointers appreciated. I have some cassette tape
audio files using 300 baud 8/n/1 format simple fsk 1200/2400Hz
I think. Same audio you would find on a cassette tape for program
storage except in a wav file. Any easy way to demodulate it back into
data? Something like a software (mo)dem that can read the audio file
and create the contents?

Otherwise I will have to type the program in again (yuck) or
read it into the old machine and rig up a serial interface
to transfer it to a new PC running a simulator (more fun but
would rather just extract it directly).


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