demodulating audio cassette wav files

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Sat Nov 6 22:45:18 2004

Richard A. Cini wrote:

> Chuck:
> You may want to look at Jim Battle's SOL emulator project
> ( for inspiration. I haven't looked at the code
> recently, but IIRC it has a software-based method for demodulating WAV
> files.
> Rich

my sol emulator has virtual tapes and a virtual tape player. i've
wanted to write a really good tape decoder, but it hasn't been high
enough priority to displace other projects.

Ed somebody in australia wrote a kansas city/cuts decoder/encoder
program. I was able to get the thing to decode the tape waveforms that
it generates, but I've tried a few real Sol tapes and I can't get them
to decode. I sent Ed a sample and he said something along the lines of
"I can decode the tapes I generate, so there is probably a problem with
your tape." well, in the real world, these tapes do have problems, so
the value is in being able to decode even poor tapes.
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