Calculator prices for insurance

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Mon Nov 8 09:31:38 2004

Does anyone know of any online resources containing rough prices for
mechanical and early electronic calculators?

I need to sort out some insurance details for some of the museum
collection, and whilst I can come up with ballpark figures for the big
iron and ebay's a good source for prices for common 8 bitters, it
doesn't help for some of the early (and rare) mechanical / electronic

Are there any good online resources out there, even if prices are a
little out of date? (In particular I'd like to put a value on some of
our Sumlock and Anita stuff)

Out of interest, my general insurance thoughts are: The insurance value
should really cover the costs of finding something of similar "value" in
the event of a lost item being unobtainable. So it needs to cover
purchase cost, shipping cost, additional purchase of any
manuals/docs/software as necessary, and of someone's time to commission
the item and learn how it works. In other words, it's more than the
simple "but it on ebay" value. Thoughts, anyone?



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