From: Newcomer Creators <>
Date: Mon Nov 8 10:27:54 2004

        Zsibvasar / GARAGE SALE !!!

 I'm from Hungary, you can contact me at <> or via the
mailing list.
Shipping to abroad is manageable, however, as I'm in central europe,
shipping to asia or the US can get somewhat difficult.
The following items are for sale (or perhaps exchange, if you got
something I might want):

CISCO console cables, RJ-45 to RJ-45, RJ-45 to Dsub9, even a few adapters,

DEC Alpha soundport , part no.: #5424572 (has audio I/O jacks, TDA1517
amp, and slot for Hw wavetable module).
DEC Alpha Eth 10/100 module, part no.: #5424560 (has DP83840 and DP83223
xceiver, and UTP jack).

IBM frame buffer cable, part no.: "58F2903".

2 pcs. of B.A.T.M. BNC/m to RJ45/fm coax baluns, , part no.: "BMC-9303".
2 pcs. of AMPHENOL BNC/m to RJ45/fm balun, part no.: "555058-1".

SINIX keyboard adapter cable, part no.: "T26139-Y2370-V701 GSO2 GTL".

SUN serial cable, part no.: "530-1662-01 REV-52 0843-9113".
SUN serial cable, part no.: "530-1662-01 REV.50 0843-9024".

        SCSI stuff
 Sort of anything SCSI -- the list goes:
68pin UW SCSI mobile rack, brand new condition, still in packaging, by ViPower.
4 pcs. of LVD-capable 68 pin to SCA adapters (BEWARE - salvaged from IBM
RS6000 hot-swap racks, might or might not be standard wide2SCA, seems to
be std. enough, though).
2 pcs. of IBM RS6000 hot-swap Wide SCSI racks, 3 HDD/rack, part no.:
"61G3842", plus a weird wide SCSI to ??? twisted-pair cable and a power
distributor cable. Might be HVD equipment?
Wide to SCA adapter "XPL-065B v1.1", brand new, seems to be SE-only.
Wide and narrow to SCA adapter "XPL-065-C v1.0", brand new, seems to be SE-only.
Internal to external narrow SCSI port w./ Dsub25F ext. connector.
Internal to external narrow Fast narrow SCSI port w./ HDsub50M ext. connector.
Internal to external SE wide SCSI port with 30 cm long cable.
Wide SCSI to "Centronics" adapter with active negation, brand new.
External narrow SCSI HDsub50m to ??? (looks like a half-size Centronics,
definitely not the sub-mini "SUN" connector), brand new.
External narrow SCSI cable HDsub50M to Centronics M.
External narrow SCSI cable Centronics M to Centronics M.
External narrow SCSI cable Dsub25M to Centronics M.
2 pcs. of External narrow SCSI cable Dsub25M to Dsub25M, brand new, IOMEGA
brand, from ZIP drives.
160cm long narrow SCSI 'RAID' cable, 8 heads + active terminator.

        Apple stuff
ADB expander, miniDIN4M to miniDIN4M, 120cm long spiralled cable(160cm max
Mac to Sync-on-Green BNC display adapter-cable by FORMAC.
Mac to VGA adapter "MG65PMA", with display sense bit switches, I even have
the docs.

        Exotic keyboards
 Left-handed (kinda 'reversed') keyboard for ppl who like challenges,
high-quality mechanism, p/s2 compatible, practically brand new, .de
layout, NO WINDOWS KEYS! If I don't sell it, I might even consider
swapping the keycaps to Dvorak layout (this keyboard is freakish enough by
default, though).

 "Type 5" SUN-compatible keyboard made by Solbourne Computer in Japan for
their SUN clones, US layout, good working condition, has both RJ-11 and
miniDIN connectors. SC assembled this keyboard in a smaller and more
compact case than genuine SUN-made Type5s, and for a time I was
considering to build the MCU-based p/s2 adapter I found online to be able
to use this nice keyboard with my thin client.

 Bull Questar 303 keyboard, part no.: KBU 3031, US layout.

 INTERGRAPH keyboard with RJ-11 jack, US layout.

*A buddy of mine has about 6 pieces of 64MB 60ns 72pin FPM w. parity SIMMs
for sale.
All these SIMMs came from HP 9000 boxes, and are BIG double-height bastards.

*I am looking for a 32MB 5V buffered ECC EDO DIMM, preferably of part no.:
"HP XU6/200 3554B", for my ProLiant 6500 quad PPro box -- this box uses
4-way interleaved memory and I have but 11 pcs., so I can't install the
3rd bank of RAM. Please tell me IF you can help.

2 pcs. of 16MB 5V buffered 60ns NP EDO DIMMs, IBM part no.: "92G7334".

One 16MB 5V buffered 60ns ECC DIMM, HP part no.: "1818-6485"

        IEEE-488 stuff
 Amazing range of IEEE-488 stuff, price varies (ie. what you got in
Physical interface adapters to/from different IEEE-488 aka GPIB alias
HP-IB connector standards, like IEC-625 <-> ANSI MC 1.1, gender changers,
whatever, several still in factory packaging.
Cables, extender cables, "hub" cables and adapter cables. Ask.
Also an Addonics IND-311 (ISA) host card w. mint condition manual.

        PeeCee junk
 A fat dozen ISA cards and some PCI ones.
NICs (Eth and TokenRing), I/O, VGA, VGA+EGA, CGA, ASUS SuperMulti VLB card
with IDE + SVGA + i/o ports, like-brand-new 120 MB Maxtor PIO Mode-0 HDD
(from a factory sealed ESCOM 386 PC I found and salvaged).

Voodoo3 3000 PCI.

SIGMA "REALmagic" DVD/home-theater card, compatible with 'libDXR3' in
linux, supported by mplayer and xine -- provides accelerated video
post-processing + AAC playback in Hw + a generic '/dev/pcm' soundport with
analogue and digital (coax) sound outputs in a single PCI slot.

        That's all!

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