From: Ed Kelleher <Pres_at_macro-inc.com>
Date: Tue Nov 9 16:00:50 2004

At 02:35 PM 11/9/2004, you wrote:
> You need to change your listing, that computer is not fully intact.
> You're missing the Floating Point Unit. (ALL F-series had them.) It's a
> separate chassis. It's the top unit in this picture.
> <http://www.classiccmp.org/hp/warehouse/o-hp1000.jpg>.

Seems to be missing some boards too.

I went up to Charlotte the other day (the "big city" 90 miles up the road
from me) to pick up a pair of Cipher tape drives I wanted.
Did a little rooting around the guy's warehouse to help him "clear out some

Found some stuff I probably could have lived without: an HP counter with
Nixie tubes,
a 0-4000v 0-50ma power supply, a Krown Research PortaPrinterPlus with
keyboard and acoustic coupler, an HP64000 with a skillion spare boards, and
... an HP1000/F.

After hearing Jay brag that the HP's were better than DEC's, I decided to
get it too and see what the big hooraw was.

It looked sort of bare on the inside, board population wise.
And the boards looked on a par with the boards in my Iwatsu Omega IV
telephone system.
Nothing at all like a good solid quad with PDP11 board.

But it did have the floating point unit below.
I asked the guy and he said someone had called him on the phone about
HP1000s and cleaned him out.
I said, "Joe Rigon?" he said, "How'd you know?". He's everywhere! He's
everywhere! :-)

Anyway I still got it, at least for the blinken-light panel, and who knows,
it might even "power on!". :-)

Ed K.
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