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Date: Tue Nov 9 16:30:25 2004

At 05:00 PM 11/9/04 -0500, you wrote:
>At 02:35 PM 11/9/2004, you wrote:
>> You need to change your listing, that computer is not fully intact.
>> You're missing the Floating Point Unit. (ALL F-series had them.) It's a
>> separate chassis. It's the top unit in this picture.
>> <http://www.classiccmp.org/hp/warehouse/o-hp1000.jpg>.
>Seems to be missing some boards too.
>I went up to Charlotte the other day (the "big city" 90 miles up the road
>from me) to pick up a pair of Cipher tape drives I wanted.
>Did a little rooting around the guy's warehouse to help him "clear out some

   Was that Joe Barkley?

>Found some stuff I probably could have lived without: an HP counter with
>Nixie tubes,
>a 0-4000v 0-50ma power supply, a Krown Research PortaPrinterPlus with
>keyboard and acoustic coupler, an HP64000 with a skillion spare boards, and
>... an HP1000/F.
>After hearing Jay brag that the HP's were better than DEC's, I decided to
>get it too and see what the big hooraw was.
>It looked sort of bare on the inside, board population wise.
>And the boards looked on a par with the boards in my Iwatsu Omega IV
>telephone system.
>Nothing at all like a good solid quad with PDP11 board.
>But it did have the floating point unit below.
>I asked the guy and he said someone had called him on the phone about
>HP1000s and cleaned him out.
>I said, "Joe Rigon?" he said, "How'd you know?". He's everywhere! He's
>everywhere! :-)

   LOL! YOu gotta be talking about Joe Barkley! I bug Joe about HP stuff everytime that I see him! I got a 1000 from him last year at the Orlando hamfest. Over the years I've bought a fair amount of test equipment from him plus HP calculators, HP-IL stuff, a couple of HP 3468s and more. Joe's a hell of a nice guy. But I'm to the point that I don't even have to look for HP 1000s any more. After you acquire a certain critical mass, similar systems just seems to find their way to you on their own! That's happened to me with DEC stuff, Tektronix systems, HP 1000s, and more recently with Intel Multibus stuff.

>Anyway I still got it, at least for the blinken-light panel, and who knows,
>it might even "power on!". :-)

   Go for it! Take a look at <http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/hp/1000/>. Al has a good selection of manuals for the HP 1000 posted there. A good place to start are with the memory manuals. Figure out which memory your's has then get the appropriate memory manual. Your memory is probably already configured but if it's not the manual will tell you how to do it. At the back of the manual is a simple memory test that you can punch in via the front panel. The test will test the CPU and memory and give you some blinking lights to look at. Next get all the pieces of the 1000 MEF Engr Ref manual and start figuring out what you have installed in it. We'll make an HP fan of you yet!


>Ed K.
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