Help, I can't get emails

From: der Mouse <mouse_at_Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
Date: Tue Nov 9 20:17:51 2004

> Hello, I need a bit of help. I had a problem with my ISP and my
> mailbox got shut down for three days. After this, I am having
> problems getting my daily messages for either cctalk or cctech.

I'm not surprised. The list software is rather broken; after
sufficient bounces, it suspends your subscription and sends you a token
you can use to reenable it.

Problem is, this token expires after three days, but it waits a week
before sending you another one. This leaves a four-day window during
which you are, on the surface, helpless.

Fortunately you're not entirely helpless. When I've run into this,
I've found that unsubscribing and then immediately resubscribing clears
the problem. (Or, rather, the symptom; the *problem* is actually that
the list maintainer chose list software that has badly designed bounce
processing. In my case this is compounded because the list accepts
syntactically erroneous mail and passes along in its syntactically
erroneous form, then mistakes my mailer's rejection of such messages
for an indication that there's something wrong at _my_ end.)

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