VCF weekend in the Midwest

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Tue Nov 9 19:36:59 2004

> At 01:46 PM 11/9/04, you wrote:
> >You can actually unplug the 9830 ROMs, plug in 9825 ROMs and it becomes a
You mean 9831, I think. The 9830 is a very different machine (I have
both, I also have full schematics of both).

> >9825 again.
> Have you done this? I'm not sure I'd want to risk it, but I have

I haven't. but I am _certain_ the machines are otherwise identical (well,
apart from the keycaps, there are half a dozen differnces in the key
labelling, but the keuboards are electircally identical).

Of course the later 9825s (-T and something else) have the 32K RAM/ROM
board and maybe another 32K RAM board, and don't have the system ROM
cartridge in the side. You can't turn those into a 9831.

> a bunch of 9825 machines -- some with full travel keyboards -- that
> would be nicer to use than the "chicklet" keyboard.

I've never sene a 9831 with the full keyboard. You can swap the chicklet
and full keyboards (they are electrically the same), but as I mentioned
there are some labelling differences.

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