Straight-8 spotted on James Burke's "Connections"

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Nov 11 16:14:54 2004

I was watching "Connections", (either ep 4 or ep 5 - "Faith in Numbers" or
"Wheel of Fortune", when about 3 min into the show, James Burke fires up a
Straight-8 w/LED front-panel lights, and at least a couple of DECtape drives,
all to control a planetarium.

I just about fell off the couch!


P.S. - to make this doubly on-topic, I was watching this on Betamax. I think
the South Pole has the largest Beta repository on the planet - several hundred
original tapes. I probably found about one or two a week to watch, all year
long, from "Soylent Green" to "2001" to "Forbidden Planet", and lots more!

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