New Finds: SGI Indigo Win some, lose some

From: Joe R. <>
Date: Thu Nov 11 16:15:21 2004

  I took a brief trip out to one of my scrap^H^H^H^H^H er, treasure sources today. I didn't expect to find much and I wasn't disappointed if you catch my meaning. However I did find a loose board that looks suspiously like a SGI Indigo board which surprised me because I've never seen any Indigo stuff at this place. I brought home the board and checked on the net and found that it's fairly rare card for the Indigos. It's Real Time Video Capture Card, pn 030-8095-003. But unfortunately it's in really bad condition, something heavy was dropped on it and the board is cracked and at least one surface mount IC is broken in half :-( But the good news is that I also found a floppy disk drive in a SGI sled and it appears to be the right one for the Indigo. The one in my R4400 Indigo is flaky so the trip was worth it after all.

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