Wives and computers

From: Joe R. <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Mon Nov 15 12:21:23 2004

Hi Jim,

   I did the same thing about 20 years ago. Now my wife has NEWER computer and audio gear than I do :-/ However she still can't see the value in an original IBM PC, old Intel Multibus system or any of the other GOOD stuff.


At 11:35 AM 11/15/04 -0600, Jim Isbell wrote:
>I think I creatated a Frankinstein Monster!!
>For 40 years my wife has not been interested in computers. 5 years
>ago I finially got her introduced to computers. She surfs the
>internet lika pro, installs her own software etc.
>BUT...now she expects to have the system updated every two weeks. She
>used to be satisfied with my cast offs but now she wants the latest!!
>This came to light most recently when I installed a Lansing sub woofer
>speaker system. Its not the latest technology and I even got it off E
>Bay for only $2.25 but it is the best I have ever heard. Now she
>wants one!!!
>Jim Isbell
>UV #257
>CAL 27 #221
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