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BTW I have a 2nd hand Pantone guide right here, it reads out to "three
parts Pantone light red and 1/8 part ..." yadda
Well, that is how I mix the ink colors, by weight. Makes doing parts easy.
All major ink manufacturers sell Pantone colors so you can mix whatever color
you want.

The only inks sold in RGB type colors are multiple color process inks and to
blend them it is a process of screens and angles and you need to have multiple
passes through the press.

RGB does not lend itself to printing processes well. It is much cheaper to
print just one color.

John, since you have a Pantone book could you match the numbers to the DEC
stuff you have?

On each color swatch there should be a corresponding number. That is what is
important not the formulation.

You want to ignore the C and U letters as they refer to Coated and Uncoated,
more printing terms. (refers to whether you are printing a clear gloss coat on
top of the ink to get the glossy look or if printed on gloss stock.)

Somewhere DEC published the Pantone numbers in their documents they sent to

PS Printers are supposed to upgrade their $50 Pantone books every 6 months to
deal with fading, not many I know did that.

Astoria, OR
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