DEC colours

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 15:08:38 2004

>>>>> "John" == John Allain <> writes:

 John> The thing that ticks me about Pantone, Behr, Sherman Williams
 John> or whatever is that they're proprietary systems and RGB is the
 John> "Open Source" solution, going back to basic principles and
 John> should be communicable to the proprietary mixer systems, but
 John> not the reverse.

 John> BTW I have a 2nd hand Pantone guide right here, it reads out to
 John> "three parts pantone light red and 1/8 part ..." yadda.

Pantone is a system for making up well-defined colors in a printing
process. RGB is not applicable there. CMYK is somewhat closer, but
it doesn't do the job either -- there are plenty of Pantone colors
that can't be created by process color (CMYK).

Pantone is proprietary, perhaps, in a sense. But it's an industry
standard known by everyone in the printing industry world wide. If
you want to tell a printer about a color, that's how you do it.

I suspect it predates RGB color and computer graphics, though I'm not
sure about that.

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