DEC colours

From: Paul Koning <>
Date: Mon Nov 15 15:19:10 2004

>>>>> "Innfogra" == Innfogra <> writes:

 Innfogra> Somewhere DEC published the Pantone numbers in their
 Innfogra> documents they sent to printers......

I know I saw a Pantone number the last time the corporate style
changed, the purple logo with the round dot on the i -- the one after
they kicked Ken out. For a lot of other things the internal documents
reference DEC internal color codes. For example, my Pro 380 spec says
the system box top/bottom are "68 Gray per DEC Std. 92". The LK201
keyboard is also that color.

So what you really need is a copy of DEC Std 92. Maybe someone on
this list has a copy. With luck, that will show the translations to

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