OT: Fastest Pentium Pro?

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_siemens.com>
Date: Tue Nov 16 11:15:36 2004

Am 3 Nov 2004 2:33 meinte Scarletdown:
> What was the fastest Pentium Pro CPU produced? On one site that a
> Jeeves search turned up, there was mention of the Pro getting up to
> 300MHz, yet another search result says that the fastest is 200MHz.

> Plus, the HP Vectra XA that I am tinkering with uses a Pentium Pro CPU
> (she currently has a 200), and according to the geeksheet for this
> motherboard (http://www.embeddedlogic.com/TH99/m/E-H/35391.htm) this
> board can take up to a 266.

Well, the fastest I have is a PPro 200. AFAIR the PPro was
available as 120, 133, 180 and 200 with a cache size of
256,512,1024 and 2048K. Planned Versions I know of where
240 and 266. I never heared of a 300. Fact is, that, to
counter AMD, who was just out running their Pentiums, Intel
did take the PPro design, added MMX, and formed the PII
series to replace the desktop (Pentium) and server (PPro)
CPUs. For their business users they offered PPro Overdrive
CPUs up to like 333 MHz. Basicly PIIs in PPro pinout.

It was the great time of 'overdrive' CPUs ... I very much
liked at that time the AMD 486-133 that could be used in
any ordinary 33 MHz Board and gave them another live (I
still have two machines running on them - one even at 200
MHz - 50 MHz bus spead, a _real_ 486-50 :)

Anyway, if you realy want to upgrade, finding one of the 2 MB
cache versions might be the best solutions. An overdrive CPU
may require a newer BIOS.

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